Avoid The Healthcare Fine, There’s Still Time myDirectMD is cost effective healthcare for Orlando individuals, families and businesses

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(Orlando, Fla)-February 1, 2016 – The January 31st deadline to sign up for insurance has come and gone. Many Central Floridians were unwilling or unable to pay the exorbitant prices for a qualified plan and may now have to face the consequences of that decision.

However myDirectMD offers an alternative to traditional health insurance that delivers a superior care experience while providing a cost effective exemption from the Affordable Care Act. myDirectMD, which recently opened its flagship office in Orlando, is a unique concept in primary medical care where patients pay one low monthly fee of between $50 to $100 for direct, unrestricted access to a board-certified doctor who becomes their personal family and urgent care physician. Eric Meyer, Managing Director of myDirectMD states “we made a conscious decision to design a practice where primary care is truly affordable for everyone.

We empower our patients by shifting the focus of the practice to proactively managing the overall health of and not just providing reactive sick care to our patients.” For those who missed the January 31st deadline, myDirectMD offers the PartnerPlus Program which combines a medical cost sharing plan from Liberty HealthShare with myDirectMD’s primary care model.

This government approved program exempts members from the health insurance mandate of the Affordable Care Act and the associated fine(s), while typically saving 40% to 60% in annual health care expenses.

Meyer said “by utilizing a health sharing plan administered by one of the oldest providers in America we’re able to help people get off the insurance grid and into a really affordable program where they can focus on their health.”

All myDirectMD patients enjoy VIP services including: same-day in-office appointments, guaranteed no-wait appointment times, video chat appointments, discounted prescriptions with an onsite dispensary and no-hassle refills, after-hours urgent care, and in-office blood draws plus other premium services that are all included in the affordable monthly fee and done IN OFFICE with NO additional deductibles or co-pays for the services provided.

Meyer stated “Join anytime, leave anytime, there are no long term contracts or commitments with us, we earn your trust every month. We pride ourselves on providing premium direct primary care and urgent care services with a physician that cares for you like a family member. We want to remove the barriers in health care and make a visit to the physician convenient and affordable for everyone.”


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